Get Some Mental…

Get Some Mental Toughness on April 25th
Mental toughness is the idea that we can train our brains to be in a higher state of readiness and more resilient to stress and challenges from the environment. The idea grew out of sports psychology where high performing athletes exert tremendous mental control and focus on demand and under great pressure. It is being applied in the US military and is the subject of dozens of books aimed at improving success in ordinary life.

We have covered some of the techniques of mental toughness here in the Next Brain Blog. For those interested in learning more I recommend checking out the Mental Toughness Summit. This is a free on-line event that runs from April 25-29th. Some of the best names in the business are involved and it is sure to be loaded with specific ideas from improving brain function and cognitive performance. The host, Renita Kalhorn, will interview 12 leaders in the field. Attendees get to listen in as well as review recording of the interviews over a 24-hour period. There is also the option to upgrade to a premium service where you pay for an MP3 of the interviews.

I am going to attend as much as possible and will blog what I learn. I hope some readers are able to attend too and will share their insights.

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