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Varun Agarwal
The Amazing story of Michael Santos ( by Varun Agarwal)

The story of Michael Santos is one of the most interesting I’ve ever stumbled across in my life. Michael runs a company that creates products and services for different markets. He has also authored 5 books and has an extensive online following on Facebook and Twitter. He even has his own website.

The thing is Micheal was in prison for the last 25 years and was released only in August last year and for the last 25 years had absolutely no access to the internet.

Michael was arrested on August 11 1987 and was sentenced to 45 year prison term for distributing cocaine. In prison he has absolutely no access to the internet and in the 90’s when the internet took off he started reading about it. Since the prison had books and tech journals he did extensive research about the internet even thought he never once touched a computer.

He was so passionate that he actually designed a website on a piece of paper in spite of never having seen a computer screen. The government was so impressed with his passion that they reduced his prison sentence to 25 years.

On August 13 2012 Michael Santos was released from prison. When his wife came to pick him up she gave him a I-Phone and for the very first time in his life he used the internet.

2 days later he sent this very first email and few months later he started his online company. Within 6 months he started his FB and Twitter page and his own website to promote himself and his business. Within a year he was invited by Standford University to give a lecture to 700 students.

Micheal Santos was serving a 45 year prison sentence. He had no access to any computer and had no chance of ever getting out of prison until he became really old. But his passion beat everything and today he is successful than most people.

So the next time you think that you CAN’T live your dreams because of a hundred issues like family, money, job, security etc etc just pause for a moment and think of Michael Santos.

Varun Agarwal (Co-Founder, Alma Mater)
Author ( How I Braved Anu Aunty –


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