So, that proves…

So, that proves she was not mentally strong. That actually made her to die like a coward. My friend, do not tell me what is psychiatry. I do not agree with that. I have also gone through love failure etc. Some girl dumped me even after the sacrifices made by me. But I still feel happy for her dumping me. Reason being, I got a better wife than her. Also, it made me strong to stand up in life and face any kind of shockers in life. I can bear any amount of pain in life from now on. She moved on after dumping/ditching me and I also moved on. Yes it took me for a while. But I stood strong. None was there to help in this world. The whole world was laughing at me for becoming a fool for choosing that girl. None shared their shoulders. Not even my parents. I backed myself and stood strong mate. This is life and it is full of miseries, back stabbings, lies, mockery etc. Very less comfort you get in this world and that too at a cost. Nothing comes free in this world mate. I do not criticize your psychiatry. But I do not believe in that. It is up to each individual to learn from the mistakes, stand strong and back themselves even in tough times. You think I am sitting on soft couch now??? No my friend. Still I am sitting on a chair of poisonous thorns. Every day is a challenge for me. I agree that, every person cannot be stand strong. But there is a way out. Nothing can stop you to come out of pains and struggles. When you complete your race, the joy you experience is amazing. She is a coward. Lost it completely my friend. Even with your knowledge and counselling if you had tried to help her, she would have still committed suicide. I believe in fighters who back themselves. I do not sympathize who take away their lives. By counselling them, actually they incline towards these suicides. They don’t get encouraged to fight in life they rather think they are weak majorly.


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