There is no va…

There is no value for true love or clean heart. You can find less number of people with truth and honesty. She shouldn’t have taken life for that. That is not acceptable. If the boy is not good and when you are convinced about the person is not good why you want to invite risk by hurting your heart and accepting him again and again. You have a beautiful life ahead of you, you career is not picked up yet. She should have concentrated on those things rather than inclining towards stupid which was not making sense for her. She chose wrong things and did wrong. I do not sympathize on the people who dare to take their life away. In fact it is not your life. God has given this life to you. You cannot destroy it. You are accountable for that. However pretty looking, good hearted, famous, rich person you are. When you take your life I don’t think I should sympathize you. Life is full of miseries and sufferings. You have to win over it and stand as a role model for the generation which is coming after you. She is a loser. Sorry for my harsh words. But I feel so and I believe in what I say.


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